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It was a Disney Channel shipper's dream come, especially since none of the past Disney Channel couples ever made it down the aisle (RIP Zanessa, Niley, Nelena, and Jemi).Still, some fans were skeptical because they couldn't handle the heartbreak that would come if he was joking. I mean, I was a junior, so it was kind of like an immature, like, whatever thing.” He also dared fans to take certain types of selfies in exchange for Twitter follows – so be sure to catch Cam live on You Now next time, if you still want a Cameron follow.

She grew up with her mother Mary Newton and with her stepfather.

I had a joint venture deal with Juelz album with Def Jam.” “You got Max B, you got Stack Bundles, them two alone,” Cam began to surmise. If you think about it, Jim never put no artists out. Jim ended up getting some rappers and what he did was use them for his album instead of putting them out.

I never had no paperwork with Jim so how could I rob him?

“If I could do it over, I would totally do it all the way over,” Cam added. I made these t-shirts and it said: ‘Tricky Ricky AKA Jim Jones is a Trick.’ That’s how we played. Jones admitted that any business misdealings are water under the bridge, but what hurt him the most is that throughout the years, Cam never came out a surprise guest at of his concerts “This is where everything got f--ked all the way up, B,” Cam continued to insist about the t-shirt fiasco.

“I seen how their relationship grow and I think it's dope.

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