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With the second one, some think the sit on my bit is what sets it off, also it is believed that the reason a player gets muted of saying "Bacon Camp" is the on Cam part. Sending 15 lines of chat (whispering, shouting, or saying) within a 30 second time-frame will get you an automatic 60 second mute.

Before September 2012, the floodmute length was 30 seconds, but it was upped to 60 in August.

Mutes are generally 10 minutes, during that time the player cannot speak.

It was just past midnight last May when Marisa Cazanave poured her heart out in an e-mail and hit “send.” “You make me unbelievably happy,” began the rambling love letter.

But the Brooklyn Technical HS teacher’s confession was wracked with mixed emotions because the object of her affection was her student.

A person’s tier level does NOT have any effect on whether the person is subject to the 2,000 ft law, how long they are required to register, or any other element of sex offender registration.

It is used ONLY to determine how often the person must update registration information.

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