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TYLER: There was probably more diversity in terms of storyline for everybody. I mean, for the most part, everybody was phenomenal and absolutely great — and the guys, my God, I loved my boys on that show.RYAN: Exactly — but that’s hard, when the new kid comes in and suddenly it’s all about them. They were hilarious to the point that if I had a two-shot with and then it’s my close-up, I had to look off-camera because if I looked at them I’d just break and crack up.Braga is located in the heart of the green Minho region in the Northwest of Portugal, surrounded by a landscape of rolling hills and forests.The city, one of the major religious centers of Portugal, is known for its baroque churches, the splendid palatial homes of the eighteenth century and the beautiful parks and gardens.

Around Braga is Citânia de Briteiros - an impressive archaeological site of the Iron Age.

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Visit the countless churches and palaces in Braga, the oldest city in Portugal, dating back to the Romans, and take a pause in one of its many lovely gardens.

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