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Eugenie Bouchard Eugenie may only be 21 but she has already made over million in prize money and is currently No.6 in the world tennis rankings!

Like many other women, the Canadian beauty’s favourite male tennis player is Roger Federer Lauren Davis Having only turned pro in 2011, Lauren Davis has won 34 of her career matches so far.

The GF of Serbian pro Novak Djokovic is best known for her dramatic courtside facial expressions.

The wife of American tennis stud James Blake is one-half of tennis players dating celebrities power couple: She's a publicist and they routinely hang out with the Roddicks, Nick Swisher and Joanna Garcia.

This is the glow that comes with procreating with Roger Federer.Julia Goerges Goerges has won over half of her career matches, earning her over million!Having begun playing tennis at the age of 5, it’s hardly surprising that she has won over half of her career matches., we have selected the game, set and match of male and female 2015 Wimbledon players.Victoria Azarenka This 25 year old Belarusian tennis player has been a professional on the court since 2003.

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