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Among women, only Parton has made more visits to the chart, having tallied 76 charted titles.The new set commemorates the golden anniversary of Lynn's first visit to Country Songs. As she won a new generation of fans by collaborating with White, Lynn is an esteemed member of the 2010 Lilith Tour lineup. I have never done shows just with other girl singers before," says Lynn.“Everybody goes through something terrible if you live long enough,” she continues.“I think it’s okay to talk about grief and sorrow especially for women when you lose a child, or have a miscarriage, it’s good to talk about it as a lot of people don’t want you to speak about those things.

This is vital for shining a light on the former John Gillis’s tough upbringing as a ninth child (and seventh son) in a rough, mainly Latino district of a city in deep decline.As its title implies, the wholly newly recorded Full Circle takes us from the first song she wrote, Whispering Sea, to duets with Elvis Costello on the caustic Everything It Takes, and 82-year-old whippersnapper Willie Nelson on the heartbreaking Lay Me Down.MINING ANOTHER HIT: George Strait isn't the only country legend making chart headlines this week.I had waited several months to get on a plane to Nashville so I could spend a bit of quality time with the most important musician working these days. After awhile you feel like everyone’s having this other life and you don’t see any of it. The daytime people are so much more inspiring like that… It was a million degrees, I was trapped inside a marathon and had to walk up and down the parched, hilly streets in very high heels to reach my destination.

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