Physical boundaries christian dating

The Bible talks a lot about keeping healthy boundaries, but not in the same way that secular publications talk about them.

Boundaries aren’t selfish, just as taking time alone to reboot isn’t selfish.

The problem comes when they are acted upon outside of marriage.

Because of this, I believe a couple should not go past kissing before marriage.

Today, we even did sexual acts, though we did not go all the way.

At the reception we discovered with delight that the bride’s mother had arranged to seat all the single people at the same dinner table so we could “mingle.” “Who knows what might happen? It wasn’t long before we began a long-distance courtship, got engaged, and then married.Christians ask this question all the time, so if you are asking this, you are not alone. Being physically attracted to your significant other is a good thing.If you weren’t physically attracted, I would recommend you break up. Others argue you shouldn’t kiss until your wedding day.If God’s grace can cover David, then certainly God’s got your back too.While your guilt is a perfectly natural response, please don’t let it crush you into further self-loathing.

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