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By the end of December 2016, it had 184,264 paying members.

The club's official anthem, "Ser Benfiquista", refers to its supporters who are called Benfiquistas.

The Roman-style portico is illuminated with multi-coloured lights and the electric sign shines out in the darkness.

The building is a Colombo landmark, but to most Sri Lankans it is an alien environment, as strange and forbidding as the surface of Mars.

Lurking on the fringes were luridly made-up Chinese girls in short skirts and high heels.

You can draw your own conclusions about why they were there.

Rushing to support their idol, one fan wrote: "I said exactly that to my mate at work the other day." A second added: "I'm crying [in laughter]."A third crudely continued: "They don't ride bruv, they take.""I was thinking the same thing, I have sex all the time and I'm no fitter, but I'm not fat lol," a fourth replied.A no-go zone, tinged with the glamour of illicit entertainment. There is no entrance fee and the dress code is smart casual.None of the dinner jackets that you see when James Bond goes gambling. I didn't spot any women gamblers at the gaming tables apart from croupiers.We invest in our people and focus on growth and development - we encourage innovation and 'getting involved'. By Michael Gregson If you take a night time drive along Colombo's Marine Drive you can hardly fail to notice the Marina Casino.

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