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In 2003, a young Mark Zuckerberg sat in front of his computer and instant-messaged a friend.

There is often a sense of calm and certainty about their relationship from the very beginning.

There is this idea that we have one soul mate and that real love stories are supposed to be filled with obstacles and drama.

While this makes for good entertainment, it isn’t real life.

By 2009, that number had grown to around 20 per cent for heterosexual couples, and 60 per cent for same-sex matches.

An estimated 30 to 40 million North Americans now use online dating sites.

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  1. This is called "playing hard to get." She wants men to think that she is not easily impressionable and she thinks it makes her more desirable to him, while at the same time fails to realize that she is on a very thin line and she could lose him forever and settle for someone less. A lot a girls do it several times in the initial few days/weeks to see how far you will go; they do it even to the handsome guys they are interested in. What I'm talking about is pushing away stemming from not being able to get close to people, having to do with being afraid and self worth. All the sudden drama is being stirred up, fighting, chaos, etc. youre left thinking "wtf happened to the person I used to know." Then (she's afraid of abandonment) she's nice, kind, sweet, to pull you back and you get a glimmer of hope, then the cycle repeats itself.