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Being his father as novelist as well as travel writer of America he got much sourced from his father.Louis mother name is Anne Castle and his brother is also writer and television presenter whose name is Marcel.However, largely due to the style of presentation, it was quite revealing to listen to the viewpoints of the ‘clients’ and owners, who seemed to feel comfortable expressing their views.Louis Theroux’ style, which does not at first appear overly challenging, allows a truer insight into a person’s behaviour and makes him/her less defensive and consequently more candid.Theroux has also been a guest writer for several publications such as Hip-Hop Connection and The Idler.

He began working as a journalist for Metro Silicon Valley in San Jose, California followed by Spy magazine in 1992.

This started from the year 1988 till the year 1991.

Louis Theroux struck gold yet again in this brilliant documentary which featured the ‘Introduction Services’ available in Thailand to men from overseas seeking Thai women for marriage.

Anger, hatred, tribalism, resentment, weird sexual impulses.“And so if we’re honest, those impulses reside in all of us.

So I try and choose subjects that will allow us almost to experience some of those vicariously, and also maybe create a little bit of understanding when you see how extreme these situations can be for other people.” Extreme is a good way to describe some of Theroux’s more high-profile subjects, including a group of Neo-Nazis in California, Ultra Zionist nationalists in East Jerusalem, and the infamous US hate familial group the Westboro Baptist Church, about whom Theroux recorded two separate documentaries, I wouldn’t put it like that,” he says.

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