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The lower courts now get to decide what they want to do regarding gay marriage, which could mean a total of THIRTY STATES ALLOWING SAME SEX MARRIAGES, which is a whole lotta gay and a whole lotta marriage. It would have been an incredible moment for the Supreme Court to at least allude to a federal ruling in the future. and fist-punch the air, screaming, "I AM A GAY UNICORN AND I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS." However, while the Supreme Court's decision to ignore the legislative outcry from misguided fundamentalists with a skewed idea of basic human kindness was ultimately a win for gay marriage in many states, I was also left with a strange feeling. But it was a win because of negligence and non-confrontation.“We’re definitely in a shit show in America right now,” Lambert says, “and it’s imperative to keep your eyes open and stay aware of what’s happening.

If you don’t suffer from something, what aren’t you seeing, where are you, how are you coping with what you are seeing?

We did a shot, then I sabered a bottle of champagne with a sword.

“I got off the phone and ran across the street to the bar where I worked and told my boss everything.

Lambert has often spoken (and sung) candidly about her struggle with bipolar disorder, but embracing the lighter, optimistic parts of herself is part of her self-care.

And that’s essential given the current political climate.

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I want to do an Adele—I want go get pregnant and then just be a mom for a couple years.” Before then, there’s a lot more work to be done—creatively and politically. Its incumbent upon everyone, she says, to figure out how they can contribute.

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