Xbox not updating dashboard

Light mode swaps that out for a white background that is much brighter and arguably more welcoming.

Microsoft released the Xbox 360 console on November 22, 2005, a whole year earlier than both the Sony Play Station 3 and Nintendo Wii.In a blog post on Xbox Wire, Xbox platform Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra outlined what features Alpha Ring testers will get their hands on this week.We also got some exclusive images of the latest build, to go with the animated gifs provided by Microsoft.Windows 10's Fluent Design System is influencing every app, feature, and menu across Microsoft's entire device family like a Halo Flood infection ... For those who are unfamiliar with the Fluent Design System, Microsoft has designed it with platform agnosticism in mind.Fluent Design incorporates translucency, material textures, and shiny cursor feedback animations in preparation for future paradigms, such as 3D holograms found in Windows Mixed Reality and Holo Lens.

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It appears that Microsoft is finally about to address the Xbox One dashboard issues.

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